Prime Do Dojo

  • Dōjō (道場) is a Japanese term which literally means “place of the path”, and is used to name a hall or space for immersive learning or meditation.
  • Prime : Primordial, original, natural, ancient
  • Do: is a Japanese term which literally means "path, ground, foundation, principles"

Prime-Do Dojo:  "The place of the path dedicated to the study of the 9 primordial principles of health happiness and joy", or "The path of the primordial hero" or "The Primordial Algorithmic Art of Human enhancement" 

  • Prime-Do Training is provided live at the city of Rhenen, (Grebbeberg forest) in the Netherlands, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (Prime-Do Primordial Belt) and his students Contact us
  • Since 2020 Prime-Do is also provided (remotely) Online
  • In 2024 Prime-Do training will be provided through a digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine


We support leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, talents, and impact investors acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to address global, local, and social pressing issues; to create together a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.

The Practice Session Experience

  • Integrates principles and techniques of nonviolent martial arts (self-defense), fitness, yoga, meditation, conscious breathing, brain gym, stress management, leadership skills, leadership styles, emotional intelligence, empathy, ecstatic performing arts, sensorial, body and emotional awareness, storytelling, survival, creativity, adaptation, gender skills and identities, inclusion, equality, co-creativity, diversity, non-polarity.

  • Applies nature principles, laws, cycles, rhythms, the math of proportions in nature, frequencies (tones), and mythological archetypes.

The Prime-Do Belts

  • The Prime-Do Dojo utilizes the Matrix-Q Data-Driven Holistic Education methodology to design the learning process and content, aiming to unleash the capacity and potential of our students
  • We utilize a belts system (rank)
  • Each belt indicates the capacity of the belt holder to think, feel, create, lead, invest themselves, create a positive impact with the knowledge acquired 


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken has been exploring all forms of self-knowledge for which the coordination between body, emotions, mind & spirit create together an advanced outcome.

Since early age attended martial arts training, performing arts, yoga, and meditation (since 1991), in diverse school systems.

1993 creates own workshop for multidisciplinary team building, leadership skills, and self-knowledge, for 80+ students at university. He designed a holistic and gamified training program

Since 1993 Luis dedicate resources to the study of nature-inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, traveling to ancient cultures' locations, gathering information, exploring with the application of knowledge, and organizing private multidisciplinary archeology expeditions. 

The outcome of his research is now the Body of work utilized by the Multidisciplinary research institute and Akademia of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. Matrix-Q Innovations, tools, methods, technology, designs, skills, products and services have been created by utilizing the Matrix-Q Knowledge, Mathematics & Algorithms

One of the most fascinating discoveries of Luis has been a mathematics (geometric) system in which human body proportions, emotions, skills, competencies, movement, breathe, are coordinated and trained, producing the outcome of unleashing human capacity and potential. Today: Prime-Do,  Self-defense, Sword, Bow, Primordial Yoga, Primordial Performing Arts, Story-telling (Symbolic language), Matrix-Q Emotional Intelligence, Matrix-Q Breathe, Matrix-Q Thinking, Primordial Art of Co-creation, Wealth-Ability, Matrix-Q Self-knowledge, The Journey of the Primordial Hero, The 9 Primordial Principles of health, happiness, and joy.  Or in brief: Matrix-Q Algorithmic Arts

The Prime-Do School or Prime-Do Do-jo provides these unique training programs, since 2007, privately for leaders and entrepreneurs, and since 2016 for the public. Luis has provided training lessons to leaders in several countries in Europe.  (See timeline below for more details)

Since 2022 the Primordial Algorithmic Arts are essential training for leaders, entrepreneurs, talents, innovators, and impact investors participating in the Matrix-Q Games. A digital platform for capacity building, for entrepreneurs, in which students learn online and outdoors by playing. 

Luis has produced e-books, research documents, e-learning, video lessons, audio instructional, music, dances, and algorithms, utilized for the training.

Luis provides training from the Netherlands, online, and outdoors at the Grebbeberg Forest, in the city of Rhenen.

The Story

  • Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (LDMF) will rediscover the 9 Primordial Principles of Health Happiness and Joy, Prime-Do, as the primordial, algorithmic art of human enhancement, along with his travel, archeological expeditions, and research studies: Nature-inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations (Research 1993-2022 Matrix-Q Research Institute)

  • Thought privately in Europe since 2007 (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Tirol, Russia, Israel, The Netherlands) to entrepreneurs and leaders.

  • Since the grounding of the Matrix-Q Research Institute (2016), further research and development of new applications of Prime-Do ( 9 Primordial Principles) for health, happiness, brain performance enhancement, quality of life, education, arts, coaching, business, ICT, gender identity, family empowerment, leadership.

  • 2017 the Prime-Do Dojo receives the Matrix-Q Education Label Theta (Matrix-Q Standard, Holistic Education Methodology, by the Matrix-Q Research Institute) & becomes a division of Matrix-Q Akademia. The Matrix-Q data-driven holistic education methodology matches 97% of the Holistic Education Standards of the United Nations.

  • 2018 The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness & Joy will be applied to the 17 SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals suggested by the United Nations. Our aim was to identify specific skills that our students need to develop in order to lead SDG projects

  • Since 2019 The Matrix-Q Reality e-Learning Program development methodology is being utilized to produce next-generation scalable Prime-Do applications and e-learning: smart apps, virtual reality, e-learning, e-trainer, e-tests ( Powered by  Matrix-Q Solutions - Matrix-Q Games ) aiming to facilitate Prime-Do worldwide.

  • 2022 the Matrix-Q Prime-Do Do-Jo provides training outdoors, and online, including all the primordial algorithmic arts:
    • Coaching-Mentorship
    • Data-driven capacity assessment scan
    • Self-defense
    • Primordial Yoga
    • Matrix-Q Breathe - Conscious breathing
    • Self-regenerative practices (Health prevention)
    • Fitness, body strength & flexibility
    • Self-expression & storytelling (Performing arts)
    • Gender skills (Co-creativity)
    • Brain GYM (Brain performance enhancement)
    • Shin-rin Yo-ku (Forest-bathing)
    • Games and challenges
    • Survival Training
    • Expeditions
    • Train-The-Trainer Program

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