When & Where?

The practice of Prime-Do is by definition outdoors

Your membership in our Do-Jo gives you the possibility to attend practice sessions:

  • Outdoors (Rhenen, Grebbeberg Forest)
  • Outdoors (Abroad Traveling to unique natural landscapes, heritage, and historical locations)
  • Remote (Live video stream, training sessions. You can attend from home or from nature)
  • e-Learning (Asynchronous learning with our digital content)
  • Hybrid Games (Learn-play, Impact-Play & Earn-Play) for those aiming to create a positive impact with the Prime-Do knowledge and skills as coach-trainer, story-teller, travel, and expeditions

Schedule time with us for 9x20 min workshops, 1x20 min demo sessions or register to a retreat program


EVERY THURSDAY @ Grebbeberg Forest 

At the corner of the Forest, up the hill, the open area surrounded by threes, next to the cliff, with a view to the River and Cunera Tower, next to the first stairs up the hill coming from the Cunerweg along the Nederrijn Rhein River banks

Luis practices along Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter at Sunset time

  • 18:40 - 20:00 Spring
  • 20:00 - 21:40 Summer
  • 18:40 - 20:00 Fall
  • 17:20 - 19:00 Winter 


Last week I Invited you to meet for a walk in the first to talk about philosophy and the archeology expeditions and research I did ( Ancient cultures and civilizations)

I am meeting many of you in the following weeks. Thanks for your reaction. Glad to meet you

One of the most significant discoveries of my research is a holistic system that can be used for self-knowledge, self-awareness, and leadership development skills

We call it Prime-Do. The geometry of the body used in Prime-Do utilizes nature proportions. It utilizes principles of yoga, conscious breathing, fitness, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-knowledge, body-awareness, endurance, brain GYM, Brain performance enhancement, and leadership skills development.

It looks like a martial art. But it is not used for war. It is used for peace. The outcome of the training is a positive constructive capacity to respond to challenges and conflict without using violence, destruction, power, or aggression. It is based on personal development and emotional intelligence

Would you like to visit me when I do my daily practice at Sunset Time, Thursdays at the Grebbeberg Forest?  You are welcome


  • Luis will demonstrate some basic and advanced techniques.

  • Attendees may watch, participate in the guided training, ask questions, listen to insights, and training theory.

  • We will case study applications of the training.

  • We will review background knowledge and research


  • For Everyone
  • Children may attend with their parents. If they want to receive lessons, they can schedule later.
  • Teachers may visit, and organize a presentation or workshop at their schools
  • Women that are self-employed or in leadership roles, can bring together both male-female skills
  • Everyone in a leadership role
  • Everyone is interested in self-knowledge, personal development, and skills acquisition
  • There is no age limit. From 4 years old with parents together, to elderly 
  • Our training system is adapted to any age, body condition, and body awareness level


  • Brain GYM, enhance brain performance, attention span, focus, adaptation, responsive capacity
  • Nonviolent self-expression, dissolving aggression patterns
  • Stress management, stress release, enhance the daily buffer capacity
  • Self-regeneration, virtualization, energizing
  • Self-awareness: body, emotions, mind, spirit
  • Acting with positive emotions, cultivate and nurture a positive and creative mindset
  • Leadership styles, The Journey of the Hero archetypes for leaders
  • Conscious breathing, for people that live in the world, has family, work, and do business (Non-monastic practices)
  • Body Fitness and Strength
  • Self-knowledge utilizing nature principles
  • Holistic skills development
  • Self-management skills, personal development, leadership capacity building 


Just RSVP using the URL below or show up on-site

If you RSVP we will contact you, you earn a token you can use later for any product of your interest


  • Start any time
  • Private lessons with foundation training
  • Schedule sessions according to your availability
  • Includes e-learning program
  • Includes capacity assessment/scan
  • Includes coaching & mentoring


  • Start any time
  • Include private live lessons (remote) with foundation training
  • Includes capacity assessment/scan
  • Includes coaching & mentoring
  • The e-learning program includes both practical guidance for solo training (self-education) and self-coaching
  • 3 Levels of training
  • Foundation for the White & Yellow Belt exams
  • Subscription: always new content


  • Let's practice Prime-Do Outdoors
  • 9x20 min session = 180 min
  • At the Grebbeberg Forest, Rhenen, The Netherlands
  • The workshop is tailor-made according to your individual capacity and level of training 
  • You can book it together with a practice circle.  Includes group-coaching


  • Schedule sessions according to your availability
  • Introduction to Prime-Do
  • Demo of some techniques and applications
  • Q&A


  • Schedule sessions according to your availability
  • Q&A
  • Data-driven capacity assessment/scan
  • Apply Prime-Do principles and skills to your daily life, business, lifestyle
  • Leadership Skills, Leadership Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence, Empathy
  • Male & Female Skills
  • Grain GYM
  • Tailor-made your training program


  • Guided practice from outdoors location
  • 9x20 min session = 180 min
  • Attend the workshop from home (indoors) and join nature
  • The workshop provides general foundation training, useful for all levels of practice, capacity, and skills
  • You can book it together with a practice circle.  Includes group-coaching


  • This training is for future Prime-Do Trainers, Storytellers, Coaches, & Expeditions-Guides
  • The content of the training is tailor-made according to individual capacity 
  • In order to attend this program, you need to be invited
  • Your commitment starts by completing skills and becoming eligible for belts (rank), duties, and roles in the Prime-Do Dojo
  • After a capacity assessment scan, and with each coaching-mentorship session, we tailor-made the individual training program for you
  • We combined e-learning, outdoors, remote workshops, and retreats
  • Outdoors training at the Grebbeberg Forest, Rhenen, The Netherlands; or along with our travel expeditions to natural landscapes, heritage, and historical locations
  • Outdoors expeditions training includes survival, and exploration or cultural sites.