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Training Sessions

  • 45 min - 90 min or full day
  • Online, Indoors, Outdoors
  • Private lessons or group training


  • The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Veenendaal, Rhenen)
  • Other locations under request


Prime-Do App e-Trainer

  • e-Test Matrix-Q DNA
  • e-Workbook Matrix-Q DNA Mindset Harmonizer
  • e-Therapy Sonic & Visual Brain Enhancement
  • Prime Do Katas (Dances) e-Trainer
  • e-Learning "The 9 Primordial Principles of Health Happiness & Joy "
  • e-Library: "Prime Do Collection"




  • Prime-Do Black Belt students are eligible for a Prime-Do Trainer License
  • The Training Program for Trainers of Prime-Do focus on Matrix-Q Education Methodology (Matrix-Q Standard, Label Theta), Skills, Knowledge and Technique
  • For the evaluation training seminars will be followed by 1-2 exams & certification
  • Prime-Do Trainers are eligible to complementary Matrix-Q Licenses as Coaches and Advisors


Prime-Do for CHILDREN

  • The ideal age to start with the praxis of Prime-Do is now, or any. 
  • Prime-Do for children sessions vary according to group age and children interests
  • A gamified approach for children education on The 9 Primordial Principles of Health Happiness & Joy,with focus on development of emotional intelligence skills, attention, focus and endurance
  • Currently a Prime-Do program for children is available in the cuty of Rhenen, thanks to the collaboration of the Montessori school

Skills & Performance


The Natural Meditative Breathing of the Heart

Matrix-Q Meditation Method

Unleash your potential 

  • Bridge the emotional intelligence gap with human competences that A.I. can not replace

  • Enable creativity, innovation, self-awareness, and actionable resources for active people

  • Smart App, e-Books, e-Learning, e-Trainer, e-Workbook

Brain GYM

Brain GYM

Sonic & Visual Therapy

Brain Performance Enhancement

Quality of Life Model

  • Comming soon our smart app, e-workbook, e-Therapy.
  • Subscribe as a test user 
  • The diagnose and prescription session takes 27 min, Therapy sessions of 3-9 min
  • Brain GYM sessions of 9 min to 180 min


Matrix-Q DNA

Unleash your potential

  • Unvail your conscious capacity and subconscious potential
  • Identify blind spots, barriers, blockages
  • Enhance, modify, protect, edit , harmonize your Matrix-Q DNA
  • Coaching Program


Matrix-Q Human Evolution

Development Stages Model

Human Enhancement

Unleash your potential

  • Understand human history and cultures from a new perspective
  • Make a conscious choice on the kind of future you want
  • Set new goals and path strategy
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Quantification of human capital value e-Book collection

Gender Equity Effectiveness


The 9 Primordial Suns for Women

Hormones and Happiness

Male-Female Co-creativity Skills

Menstrual and Ovulation Cycles

  • Nature inspired model to harness hormonal changes and their influence in daily life
  • Course for love relationship empowerment: on natural rhythms, cycles, communication, and cocreativity
  • The 9 Suns: The Sun, The Moon & The Heart e-Book Collection


Prime-Do for Women & Girls Empowerment

  • Male & Female skills in balance
  • The Primordial Archetypes
  • The Path of the Primordial Hero for Women
  • Nurturing and developing a new culture with gender equality and gender equity effectiveness
  • Ancient cultures and gender equality

Divine Play

Leela, the play of the Gods

  • Algorithmic performing arts session with focus on:
    • Leela, the play of the gods: The primordial archetypes 
    • Performing arts collective  improvisation with the 9 primordial principles of health happiness and joy
    • Exploration with meditative and extatic performing arts

Social Impact


Prime-Do for SDGs

SDGs in daily Life

Achieve the Goals

  • Discover which SDGs are a match to your life path, skills, knowledge and potential 
  • The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy (Prime-Do) applied to SDGs innovation and SDG in daily life
  • The Coaching Program helps you innovate in your daily life, explore new ideas and knowledge, and contribute with the achievement of the SDGs in daily life.


The Primordial Economy

9 Fields of Innovation

Culture and Civilization

  • Unvail the 9 Primordial Economies

  • The modern culture focus is only in one, upto 3 economies, but why ?

  • How to generate wealth and develop a culture with  9 economies ?
  • The Matrix-Q Research Institute experiment with the 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy applied to wealth generation, economy, innovation, business management and sustainable living
  • e-Books Collection



Prime-Do e-Books Collection

The Prime Do Collection  

"…and the God bends the bow" 

400 Mb. 44 e-books  including:

  • -Matrix-Q Knowledge applied to the practice of Archery
  • -The Golden Arrow
  • -The Last Arrow
  • -The Primordial Path of the Hero
  • -The Art of war, peace and sustainable living


The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness & Joy


  • Unvail the 9 principles and apply them in your daily life:
    • for Business
    • For Health
    • For Social Impact
    • For Personal Development
  • Discover your current capacity and potential
  • Our coaching program will help you set goals and milestones, achieve a successful implementation process


The Book of the Primordial Changes

The Nonary I-Ching

  • Learn how to read the I Ching Theta, predict and understand events of your life from the perspective of ancient inspired knowledge.
  • A system to represent natural and human reality, generated by the application of DNA Generation Algorithms and described with nonary cyphers system and nature inspired language 
  • e-Book Collection


PSL Primordial Symbolic Language

Nature inspired algorithmic language

  • Nature inspired knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations  is communicated with symbols, metaphors, cyphers, nature principles and cycles, geometric designs, patterns, archetypes, poetry, legends; and myths

  • A laguage to communicate (with) your subconscious and subjective world through an objective and conscious methodology.
  • The training program focus on the ability to acquire knowledge with the understanding of the metalanguage and multilevel simultaneous meaning of PSL Primordial Symbolic Language

Leisure, Travel & Adventure


Multidisciplinary Archaeology Expeditions

  • Continous research on nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations
  • Leisure, travel, culture and knowledge.
  • 3-8 days Expeditions in Europe and the ancient Eurasia
  • Presentations

Life Journey

Leisure Circle

  • Full or half day leisure activities around the topics of study and knowledge of prime do.
    • Films reviews
    • Book reading circle
    • Outdoors, hikes and camps
    • Presentations, Demonstrations
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